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Some dog trivia

Here at Scruffs Dog Groomers in Harrogate we like to know all we can about our four legged friends. So here is some dog trivia for you: Pharaoh Hounds are the only dogs that blush. They do this when they are excited or happy; and their ears, nose and eyes become pink. According to Breed [...]

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Hypoallergenic Dogs

If you have a new family or family members with allergies choosing a low-allergy dog could be a consideration. Here at Scruffs Dog Groomers Harrogate we can groom and care for your dog regadless if they are Hypoallergenic Dogs or not. Some people are allergic to dog dander, which can be found in the flakes [...]

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The shape of things to come for dog grooming in Harrogate?

Pets have their fur trimmed to make their heads square or circular as part of bizarre new trend. It may look absurd, but a bizarre new dog grooming trend is beginning to take shape in Taiwan. The craze involves having your pet pooch shaped into a sphere or a square - with the desired effect [...]

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Extreme Dog Grooming

When I first stumbled upon photos of dogs groomed to look like anything but dogs, I was impressed and somewhat unsettled at the same time.  Just as there are some pretty crazy "out there" hairdos in the people world, there are dog groomers who go far beyond a shampoo and a simple clip.  With incredible imagination, they work [...]

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Dog owners are warned of risks from disease-carrying ticks

The small blood-sucking creatures are growing in number, with new arrivals from Europe feared to be carrying a disease that can kill dogs. Disease-ridden ticks are on the rise in Britain after the adoption of more relaxed European pet travel regulations and warmer winters, a leading parasite expert has warned........for more click below. The multiplying [...]

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Home Care Vs. The Groomer – Try a little of both!

People never used to “groom” thier dogs with a professional dog groomer in Harrogate. They didn’t trim their toenails and They  certainly didn’t squeeze their anal glands. And dogs were fine! But you know what? Now they’re better! They’re healthier and happier and living more robust lives because they’re bodies feel good from all kinds [...]

Home Care Vs. The Groomer – Try a little of both!2017-08-04T21:10:27+00:00

When Is It Time to Consult Your Veterinarian?

As a dog groomer in Harrogate we often see dogs showing signs of ill health. So When Is It Time to Consult Your Veterinarian? Pets often have minor illnesses or injuries that don't cause any lasting harm. Naturally you don't need to run to the vet every time your pet sneezes, but how do you [...]

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Why Groom Your Dog

Dog Grooming or pet grooming is a vital part in the well-being and healthiness of a dog which can improve their lifespan. All Breeds require grooming, how much depends on the breed, age, or health of the pet. Regular grooming helps to ensure your dog is healthy and comfortable. It is important to note that [...]

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Congratulation December Raffle

Congratulations to Louise with Dudley Emery for winning the luxury hamper drawn in December.

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