Home Care Vs. The Groomer – Try a little of both!

//Home Care Vs. The Groomer – Try a little of both!

Dog1People never used to “groom” thier dogs with a professional dog groomer in Harrogate. They didn’t trim their toenails and They  certainly didn’t squeeze their anal glands. And dogs were fine! But you know what? Now they’re better! They’re healthier and happier and living more robust lives because they’re bodies feel good from all kinds of advancements in pet care, including being groomed. Let’s talk about why it’s important to groom your dog and some good ways to get it done.

Home Care Vs. The Groomer

As a professional dog groomer in Harrogate we like to promote both.

– First of all, some socialisation for your dog – away from you is a good thing. Especially in the case of rescue dogs who may have lingering abandonment issues, it’s good for them to have a regular experience of being separated for a while then reunited, so he knows you’re always coming back for him.

– A professional groomer simply does a better job. We have the time and the proper tools to get things done properly and efficiently, providing the best experience for your dog. Sometimes the human world gets pretty hectic and pet grooming can get put on the back burner for later. Professional dog grooming in Harrogate is easier and provides consistency.

Now I am not saying to skip grooming all together. Even though it may prove difficult at times, caring for your dog builds trust and bonding.
At Home – The most basic aspect of grooming, which is also usually the easiest and most enjoyable for all parties involved, is the brushing. Did you know there are different brushes for different dogs and hair types? So find a dog brush that is right for your dog, which will meet the needs of his coat, keep it shiny and provide a comfortable experience.

Bathing – This is a tough one because some dogs love it and some run and hide under the bed if they even hear the bathtub water turn on. It can be an excellent bonding opportunity if done properly with care and encouragement, but can also be a traumatic experience for everybody if you’re not prepared and confident in your task.

Once a month bathing should suffice for most dogs. You can adjust this according to your dog’s lifestyle. A good general practice is a once a month trip to the dog groomer in Harrogate, with a bath at home in between. Since the dog groomer does all the trimming and poking, you can just focus on the washing and scrubbing. Try to pass it off as a wet belly rub! Whatever you do, keep it positive, use only doggie cleaners, and keep water away from the eyes and ears as much as possible. They also make dry shampoos for quick clean ups between baths.

Ears – The inside of dog ears is covered with ridges and creases which can collect wax and funk. Some dogs experience build-up and infection and some don’t. Talk to your vet about your dog’s needs and rest assured whatever it is, it’s probably pretty easy. It’s only the external canal that we deal with and all that is usually needed is a q-tip and whatever ear care solution your vet recommends. If you notice your dog shaking his head a lot, itching his ears, or there is a lot of visible wax – those are your cues that there could be something wrong.

Teeth – It can be challenging but brushing those canine teeth will keep not only is mouth healthy but will keep a host of other problems at bay, as well. Did you know that plaque build-up on a dog’s mouth leads to bacterial infection that can enter the blood stream and cause harm to the kidneys, heart, brain, and liver? Chewing hard biscuits as well as dental treats and toys will help, but brushing once or twice a week will provide the best health. I prefer the doggie toothbrush that fits at the end of your finger but you can get a full sized doggie toothbrush, too. Just remember that dogs can’t spit so make sure you get toothpaste made for them. Human toothpaste will make them sick. And if you can find a flavor of paste that he likes, your job will be even easier!

Different dogs have different needs. For instance, if your dog is doing the boot scoot across the floor often, he may need his glands squeezed more often. Some little guys just don’t express them well enough on their own. If your dog is prone to eye watering or infections, you need to keep his hair trimmed around his eyes. And so on.

Talk to Scruffs Dog Groomers in Harrogate about your dog’s behavior and quirks so they can work with you to build a customised grooming plan that fits your pet’s needs and your wallet.

Good care, including grooming, will keep your dog healthy and feeling feisty longer, while also keeping those vet bills down. So get brushing, scrubbing, trimming, and squeezing. You’ll both feel better in the long run.